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For all the talk of the Dolphins’ trip to Buffalo in the snow, another warm-weather team’s visit to a cold climate has been overlooked.

The Rams face the Packers in Green Bay on Monday. Temperatures are expected to be in the teens at the start.

Rams coach Sean McVay was asked Thursday about possible preparations for the elements.

“If you get an answer for that, I’d love it,” McVay told reporters, joking that the team would practice at the hockey rink. “No, it’s a different deal, nothing you can really prepare for. It wasn’t going to be as cold as expected when we played there a couple of years ago in the divisional round, so stay warm and then once you’re there, hopefully the adrenaline kicks in.”

Quarterback Baker Mayfield played at Lambeau Field last Christmas. He expects it to be colder this time.

“Wind-chill wise, this will probably be the coldest,” Mayfield told reporters. “I’ve played in a few games that are pretty cold, maybe snow, a little rainy or windy. But in terms of temperature, I think this will be the coldest for me.”

How is Mayfield preparing for the cold?

“Just mentally accepting the fact that everybody has to deal with it,” Mayfield said. “So I think when it comes to cold weather, there’s different preparations, different things you can wear. So we’re going to look into all of those things to eliminate them as much as possible. When it comes down to it, like I said, everyone has to deal with it. I might have to go with a ski mask or something to keep warm, so we’ll see.”

Linebacker Bobby Wagner’s apparel will not include protection for his hands.

“No wing, man,” Wagner told reporters. “No wings. I have a slightly warm shirt, but something a little warm. But beyond that, no wings.”

How about a shirtless warm-up?

“I’m not,” Wagner said. “I’m not that stupid. There are limits, you can’t push it.”

Again, it comes down to mindset.

“I think a lot of it is just mental,” Wagner said. “It’s cold outside, it’s hot outside, it really doesn’t matter. it’s mental. Once you get to the side where it’s cold, it should be straight. My way of thinking is that the faster you play, the faster you get to the heaters. If you’re cold, make a show so we can get to the heaters.”

That’s the best approach. The better you do your job, the sooner you reach the heaters.


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