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With 39 seconds left in Saturday night’s game and the score tied at 29-29, Bills running back Devin Singletary, at the Dolphins’ 11-yard line, runs into the end zone, then intentionally stops and falls. 4 yard line. After the game, Bills coach Sean McDermott praised Singletary for not scoring.

McDermott said it was wise for Singletary to recognize that if he didn’t score a touchdown, the Dolphins would have to use their final timeout and then have the Bills kneel down on the next play, run the clock down to two seconds, and kick the game-winning 25-yard field goal. That’s exactly what happened.

“Great situational awareness by the motor,” McDermott said, referring to Singletary by his nickname.

McDermott said the Billers practice a game where they try to run the clock and think the other team might let them punt.

“We talked about it. We call it no mas, which means no more,” McDermott said. “You expect them to potentially let you score right there based on where the play was, where we had the ball and the timeout situation.”

Singletary’s field goal would have given the Bills a 36-29 lead, but also had 34 seconds to go, allowing the Dolphins to drive for a touchdown of their own. Going down, Singletary ensured the final play of the game would be the Bills’ game-winning field goal.


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