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What’s the difference between some of the preseason action and the 11 quarters of the regular season?

NFL Media’s Daniel Jeremiah locked in with the larger NFL community by putting Iowa quarterback Brock Purdy on his list of QBs in the 2022 draft. Now, based on what he’s seen in the pros from Purdue, he puts the 49ers firmly in the Super Bowl conversation.

“The NFC, it just looks like we’re on the road to a Philadelphia-San Francisco clash. And that will decide it,” Jeremiah said on the Rich Eisen Show.

Jeremiah explained how he went back and had to scroll down to the bottom of his pre-draft rankings to even find Purdy to see exactly what he thought of the QB by watching his college tape.

While his tape didn’t necessarily blow Jeremiah away, there were a few traits that translate immediately and help him succeed in the 49ers’ offense.

“I look at my notes on him, he’s tough, competitive, accurate. Those are the things you like about him,” Jeremiah said. “I thought the skill set, the tools were very average. He didn’t have a big arm, he’s not a huge athlete, he’s not a big guy, he’s under 6-1. I think it was like 19 touchdowns, eight picks, it didn’t even blow you away statistically. But he started more than 40 games, he was tough and accurate. And when you look at what Shanahan is asking him to do. I mean the batting chart of the days, I think he started 11-for-11 or 11-for-12. the ball never traveled more than 15 yards down the field. Just find out where the guy is and get the ball to him. Make it really, really easy. And he’s done that, and he’s playing at a high level.”

The key to the quarterback position in San Francisco the past few years, however, has not been about the ceiling. It’s been whether the quarterback can play well enough to let the run game and defense take over. Here’s what Jeremiah thinks the seventh-round pick can do with the 49ers.

“The defense is so good and they have so many weapons and they can run the ball and the offensive line is good,” Jeremiah said. “I mean, what can Jimmy Garoppolo, who went to the Super Bowl and almost won the Super Bowl, do that Brock Purdy can’t do? I don’t think there’s anything he can’t do that Jimmy does. So they’re a legitimate Super Bowl contender.”

That’s why the 49ers chose to keep Purdy as their third QB over veteran Nate Sudfeld. His integrity and accuracy allowed him to step right in and steer the ship for a San Francisco offense that doesn’t require much from a QB to be successful.

Purdy needs to avoid negative play and convert on third downs. He has so far, and as long as he continues to do so, it’s hard to argue with Jeremiah’s conclusion that Purdy can lead the 49ers to another Super Bowl run.

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This story originally appeared on Niners Wire


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