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Amazon’s Thursday Night Football options include a Manningcast-style alternative stream with Hannah Storm and Andrea Kramer bringing bold names to game interviews.

It would be hard for any of those shows to top Thursday’s interview with former Stanford football player and mother of the 49ers, Christian, with Lisa McCaffrey. He ranked his sons, ripped 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan’s alleged babysitter and dropped an F-bomb on live TV (again). It was easily the most dynamic part of the Seahawks’ blowout of the 49ers.

McCaffrey entered the game late in the first half, just as the Niners were starting an offensive drive. Although the broadcast was interrupted as she let out a huge nerve-relieving breath, she couldn’t have looked better prepared for the interview as she opened with a joke at her son’s expense.

A graph detailing McCaffrey’s statistical accomplishments this season had just appeared on the screen, and he was being donned in a lab coat in front of whiteboards. This prompted Lisa to say: (McCaffrey and her husband, former Denver Broncos wide receiver Ed, met at Stanford, where Christian attended for just three years.)

Next was the infamous joke about Shanahan allegedly babysitting Christian in the 1990s when Kyle’s father, Mike, was coaching Ed on the Broncos. Lisa McCaffrey has confirmed Kyle Shanahan’s long-standing position that it was indeed Kyle’s sister who babysat the future 49ers.

“Thank God for Kyle’s sister because she’s in charge,” McCaffrey said before pausing to see if Christian had enough room for a first down. Kyle: If it was just Kyle, there would be some danger.”

The offensive drive ended with a touchdown, and while the Niners were on defense, Kramer asked Lisa how she thought Ed rated his kids each week. When asked, he was Dylan McCaffrey first, Max last, and Luke and Christian tied for second. (Dylan and Max respectively played and coached for Ed at the University of Northern Colorado before Ed was fired last month).

That changed on the Niners’ next offensive drive when Christian punched in a short touchdown.

As Lisa’s little celebration began, she told the on-air duo: “I want to say a bad word in a good way.”

Kramer gave McCaffrey the green light, causing Lisa to say “f—k yea,” much to Storm’s shock.

This seems to be the standard line for Lisa McCaffrey’s celebration, as she was caught yelling the same phrase when Christian scored a game-tying shutout against the Chargers earlier this season.

Watching Christian McCaffrey suit up this season has been hell for Niners fans and neutrals alike. The only thing that makes the experience better is telling her mom.


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