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The Vikings made history on Saturday by overcoming the largest deficit in league history with a victory. Down 33-0 at halftime, the Vikings eventually tied the game at 36 and won it in overtime.

Quarterback Kirk Cousins ​​didn’t realize he was engineering history. He believed the Bills (backed that day by fired Colts coach Frank Reich) erased a 35-0 deficit to beat the Oilers in the 1992 playoffs.

“I knew it was 35-3,” Cousins ​​told Albert Briere of “I knew it was 35-3, but I thought it was 35-0 before it was 35-3.”

It was the second epic game of the year for the Vikings, five weeks after a 33-30 overtime epic on the same field where Oilers-Bills took place nearly 30 years ago. Coupled with the many other wafer-thin margins for Minnesota this year, it contributes to the feeling that they have something special.

“It just doesn’t happen to normal people,” Cousins ​​told Briere. “And this team has rarely been around and shown an uncommon level of chemistry, toughness toward each other, and I think it showed today.”

When that happened in Week 10, there was a temporary sense that the Vikings were the 2022 Team of Destiny. And then, just one week later, they were blown out by the Cowboys at home, 40-3. It was the Vikings’ worst loss in Minnesota since John F. Kennedy was president.

This time, the win clinched a division title that looked more than a little sloppy. But the Vikings are still facing a No. 2 seed at best, barring an epic, late-season collapse by the Eagles. And with the 49ers reeling off seven straight, the No. 2 seed is far from guaranteed, meaning the divisional round could consist of another trip to Santa Clara, where the Vikings were blown out by a 49ers team in 2019. , which can actually be. even better now.

So, as much as the Vikings proved they still have a horse on their ass by beating Indy after falling behind 33-0, they’re going to need a lot more luck to get this thing past the district round. .

Maybe after yesterday they are convinced they can get lucky when and where they need to.


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