John Harbaugh achieves ‘amazing feat’

Jackson has a 50-50 chance to play against the Steelers

All eyes remain on Jackson’s health, with head coach John Harbaugh offering no advice.

According to Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio, Jackson has a “50-50” chance to play.

“There’s actually a chance he’ll play this week. As explained on Sunday Night Football in America, he will play the Steelers at 50-50,” Florio wrote.

“The real question for Jackson is whether he’s willing to risk playing if he’s less than 100 percent. He’s so close to the end of his rookie contract that the risk may not be worth it, especially if the risk is increased by Jackson’s missing knee. has fully recovered.”

The Ravens will practice today, so reporters will be watching to see if Jackson returns to action after being sidelined for the past three weeks.

Mike Tomlin. “That’s disrespectful” to: Label Mark Andrews As Just a Tight End

Mark Andrews hasn’t put up big numbers against the Steelers (he didn’t score and had more than five receptions or more than 50 yards just once in seven career games against them), but Pittsburgh head coach Mike Tomlin is having none of it. but respect to the All-Pro tight end.

“I think it’s kind of disrespectful to his talents to label him as a label,” Tomlin told reporters yesterday. “He’s kind of the No. 1 receiving option. He’s like Travis Kelce, if you will, or that young guy in Atlanta. [Kyle Pitts]. Their skills and the plays they make are kind of cagey if you describe them in a kind of tight way. We did some work there to try to minimize him.

“When we prepare, we also recognize that guys like Mark Andrews is a significant guy for them in the transition game, he always has been. And even with some instability in their defense, remains a dangerous vertical threat.”

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