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Jake Paul expands his sports portfolio with his latest contract. Recently, the YouTuber-turned-boxer made headlines again by signing a contract to join the NFL’s Cleveland Browns.

Adding another business venture to his repertoire, the social media star will not be suited up to play on the field for the current third-placed team in the AFC North, but rather the influencer will be putting his social media skills to work for the team. . In a surprising Instagram post on Dec. 23, Paul teased that he would be joining the Browns as he was seen at a press conference with team executive vice president J.W. Next to Johnson. Johnson can be seen wearing a Paul shirt, prompting the internet to speculate on the 25-year-old’s next move. As part of the same post, Paul also included a video of Johnson discussing the contract on FaceTime. Paul is heard saying. “Crazy news guys, I signed with the Cleveland Browns!” Johnson answers. “We are shot. [We] I can’t wait to get you here today and get you to sign that contract, and I’m excited for you to be a part of the team, man.”

The Browns later took to their Instagram account to officially welcome the Cleveland native to their organization at a press conference. Paul entertains the crowd by expressing his longtime dream of playing in the NFL, while the EVP steps in to clarify that Paul is only being brought in as part of their social media team. Although YouTube seems disappointed, he’s still signed on as the team’s new “junior associate content assistant.”

Paul is currently pursuing his dreams of becoming a professional boxer. He currently holds a record of 6-0 as a boxer, with four of those being knockouts.

In other sports news, FIFA is investigating Salt Bay’s “inappropriate access” to the pitch after the World Cup finals.


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