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Before the Jaguars could win Saturday night’s game with a 36-yard field goal, they had to convert a fourth-and-short. As they lined up for the game, coach Doug Pederson decided to take a timeout and change the game.

“I just didn’t like the look we had for the play we called and I just took my time,” Pederson told reporters after the game. “We reloaded, regrouped, got our heads together, got that call and just had a great effort from Travis [Etienne] obviously pushing out there and getting the first and more.”

Pederson was then asked the rather obvious question of whether he’s OK with the risk running outPederson made an equally obvious (but very important) discovery.

“Listen, if they’re out, you come in,” Pederson said. “If they’re in, you’re out, and Travis is a great back who can do that, and with his speed and ability, he made a great play at that point.”

Indeed he did. And it came with three running backs behind quarterback Trevor Lawrence.

According to the NFL’s Next Gen Stats, teams have lined up with three players in the backfield just six times this year, tied for fourth. The Jaguars have done it three of those six times.

For the most important game of the year, it came not only with a first down, but with the ball firmly in the field for the touchdown that completed the epic comeback.


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