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Los Angeles Chargers tight end Gerald Everett stood up, Jacksonville Jaguars defenders gestured that Everett had just dropped the ball, and he signaled to rush the next play.

That should have prompted Jaguars coach Doug Pederson to challenge Everett’s catch. But he didn’t.

It was a big moment in Saturday night’s game. The Jaguars trailed 27-0 but rallied to cut the deficit to 27-14. They had momentum. Justin Herbert then hit Everett for a pretty big 25-yard gain.

Except it didn’t have to be caught. The officials blew the call, not seeing Everett drop it, and the ball rolled to the ground beneath him.

Everett telling the Chargers to hurry may have been obvious, but it was smart. The Jaguars didn’t get to watch the replay and tell Pederson to challenge. The Chargers made a play and it was too late for Pederson. The Chargers gained a few more yards and kicked a 50-yard field goal. That was big considering how the Jaguars were rallying.

It’s hard to get all the challenge decisions right. There isn’t much time between plays, especially if the opponent is in a hurry. Still, it was a pretty big miss by Pederson at a crucial time in the game.

Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Doug Pederson decided not to give up in a pivotal game against the Chargers. (AP Photo/Chris O’Meara)


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