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The Lions were 1-6 at the start of November, and many thought head coach Dan Campbell would be answering questions about his job security in December, not about his team’s chances of making the playoffs.

But the Lions are now 6-7 and Campbell says they like their playoff chances if they win all four of their remaining games, starting Sunday against the Jets.

“We know we have a chance, but we also know we need to win here, and it all starts with the Jets,” Campbell said. Detroit Free Press. “If we don’t mind our own business, it’s all for naught.”

Campbell admitted he was happy to see the Seahawks, just ahead of the Lions in the NFC playoff picture, lose Thursday night. But he doesn’t want to spend too much time looking at the scoreboard.

“It’s nice to look out there and see that the team in front of us has lost, so it’s hard to ignore it. But we also know that our guys know that we have to do our part,” Campbell said.

If the Lions do win against the Jets, Panthers, Bears and Packers, they’ll finish 10-7, which would likely be good enough to make the playoffs. But even winning is no guarantee, and another loss makes Detroit a longshot to make the playoffs. They need to win out to feel confident about making the postseason.


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