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Defeat to “Philadelphia Eagles” was expected. The Chicago Bears deserve credit for making it a game. They were ravaged by injuries but persevered against the best team in the NFC. Justin Fields continued to look like a star. Most importantly, though, depending on who you ask, the team’s 2023 draft position remains secure. Their loss dropped them to 3-11 on the season, the second-worst record in the NFL. There are three games left on the schedule. All three are against some of the hottest teams in the league (Buffalo, Detroit and Minnesota).

However, it gets better for the bears. Events took place elsewhere that put them in a prime position to lock down one of the project’s frontrunners. Let’s start with New Orleans South. The Saints went 5-9 on the season against their rival Atlanta Falcons. That win pushed their 1st round pick, which was traded to the Eagles, down to No. 9 in the new draft. Based on current math, that also means Chicago is guaranteed a top-four seed even if they win one of their last three games.

He is getting better. Kyler Murray’s injury has been devastating for the Arizona Cardinals. One team that could benefit was the Denver Broncos, who played them next on the schedule. Despite the ugly game, they finished with a 24-15 victory. That puts them at 4-10 on the year, which would cost the Seattle Seahawks control of the No. 2 overall pick. The Bears now hold that honor. If they lose the rest of their games, it will be cemented.

The Chicago Bears could be poised for a quick turnaround.

While nothing is guaranteed in the draft, the No. 2 pick has been quite profitable in picking non-fours over the past decade. The slot has produced names like Ndamukong Sukh, Von Miller, Nick Bosa and Chase Young. Imagine how much better the Bears defense would have looked with one of those guys in the mix. Early projections show the 2023 class is loaded with defensive linemen at the top. Will Anderson of Alabama and Jaylen Carter of Georgia lead the way? The Poles could pick one and make the fans happy. Or he could auction off the highest bidder looking for a QB and stockpile more picks.

Everything points to the Chicago Bears ending up in the top five. They don’t have enough body to win the upcoming games. Their only hope is that Minnesota decides to rest their starters in the season finale. There’s no reason to think they can’t come out next April with some blue-chip talent for their roster. That doesn’t even take into account their salary cap in free agency. Barring a monumental slip-up, this team should be much better next summer when the Poles’ job is done.


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