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Matt Feiler had a pretty rough start to the 2022 season, and to be fair to the veteran left guard, he really turned things around as the year went on. He wasn’t great, and he certainly wasn’t as good as he was in 2021, but Feiler didn’t let that turn into a real disaster of a season.

That being said, Feiler didn’t do enough to ultimately change his destiny with the Chargers. Although Feiler is not a free agent after this season, he is the most obvious candidate for the Bolts this offseason.

Feiler will be paid $8.5 million if he stays with the Chargers next season. Los Angeles doesn’t have much financial flexibility this offseason, so cutting Feiler becomes the obvious move. The Chargers can free up $6.5 million in cap space, and Feiler only has a $2 million cap hit.

The best part for the Chargers is that they already know who should be their starting left fielder next season. Jamari Salyer stepped into the starting left tackle role after Rashaun Slater was injured, and he played quite well. The things he struggled with at left tackle will be masked at left guard, especially next to Slater.

Salyer will probably be better than Feiler next season and cheaper by miles. It makes no sense for the Chargers to make this younger move.


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