Georgia football will contend in 2022, end of discussion

Georgia football has its fair share of haters and people jealous of the program’s recent successes, so they love to put false storylines into the universe, but that does not mean what they say is true. The Dawgs aren’t going anywhere despite those opposing fans, and they sure aren’t about to give up the SEC East crown.

They will contend in 2022 because head coach Kirby Smart has prepared this program to do that on a yearly basis.

It’s so funny that people think losing what the Dawgs did automatically put them out of the race.

Sure the Dawgs who left were some of the best in program history, but why is this the mindset? Is it truly to troll the Georgia fans, or do these people genuinely think this?

Georgia football will contend and win the SEC East in 2022.

Will the SEC East be more competitive in 2022? Possibly, but what Georgia is doing is not even close to the other teams in that division. They have years of work to do before matching what Georgia has accomplished since Smart arrived.

Looking at the recruiting the rest of the SEC East does, that is not on the same level as Georgia.

So, where do these people get the notion that Georgia is about to fall off the map? LSU did it? Terrible excuse because Georgia is not LSU, and Smart recruited better and more legally than Coach O.

The development is not going anywhere. This coaching staff is one of the best in football, and what Georgia has done in the last six years has turned the entire SEC East on its heads a few times now.

Which of the SEC East teams could beat Georgia and take their spot in Atlanta? I mean, Kentucky could, or by a miracle, Tennessee would be an option, but that is if Georgia falls apart against them, and that is not happening.

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