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It was the night before Christmas when not a single creature was stirring in the entire house, not even a mouse…except for Thanasis Antetokounmpo, because he just can’t believe he’ll be there to watch the Milwaukee Bucks play the Boston Celtics on Christmas Day in front of the entire nation.

Where are we?

During the first month of the season, these two teams looked terrifyingly titanic. Milwaukee started the year 9-0 with a revamped defense, Boston posted the best offensive numbers of any team. ever in NBA history, and Adam Silver spit on his luck. Then both teams started to stumble.

The Bucks are 1-2 heading into the road trip, which continues in Boston. Since that 9-0 start, they’ve gone 13-10 with a league-worst road offense and some decidedly pedestrian showings. They dropped their last game to the Nets 100-118 on Friday night and never looked like they could dig their way back to victory from an early deficit.

Boston still has the best offensive rating in the league at 117.6, but they’ve lost 2 of their last 7 since posting an 18-4 record, although they righted the ship last night against the Timberwolves, and ORtg refused to become more pedestrian. : 107.1 in that range. That would put them in a dead league. Their early success was astonishing, if only because it came amid organizational strife, with the one-year sacking of head coach Ime Udoka shortly before the start of the season and the promotion of Joe Mazzulla to the top job. Jayson Tatum (30.5 points .471/.354/.858, 8.1 rebounds and 4.1 assists) maintained his excellent output that he recorded in the last half of last season, and Jaylen Brown (26.5 points .488/.329/- (whom) .807, 7.5 rebounds and 3.5 assists) mostly kept the second star. Al Horford hasn’t turned to dust yet and is hitting 44.8% of his three-point attempts. Frenzy Malcolm Brogdon also hasn’t broken down yet and is playing his sixth role off the bench, hitting 44.3% of his threes well. Their defense is also top-10 and features a long list of guys to deal with outright pain. Milwaukee’s offense will come alive, however.

Khris Middleton looks doubtful with his ongoing knee problem and Robert Williams is listed as a game-time decision due to illness.

Player to watch

One of the big confounding questions surrounding the Bucks since the playoffs has revolved around whether Grayson Allen’s rough handling of the ECSF was temporary or structural. His numbers have dipped over the past five games, though he continues to make threes at a career-best rate (41.1%) and that. feels how his on-ball defense has been solid enough to at least make him invisible on that end. Will the Celtics run enough screens to force a formidable Allen-Tate matchup on the perimeter, and if so, how does Grayson hang in there? And can he take and make some threes to start the game to open up the paint for Giannis to drive?


Game 33: Bucks against Boston…

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    Win big (by 10 points or more)

    (9 votes)

  • 23%

    Win by (9 points or less)

    (17 votes)

  • 36%

    Lose close (by 9 points or less)

    (26 votes)

  • 27%

    Big loss (by 10 points or more)

    (20 votes)

72 votes in total

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Milwaukee Bucks suggests against Boston Celtics the time 4:00 PM (Central). All nationally televised NBA games can be viewed on Sling TV.

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