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Over the years, TNT’s “Inside the NBA” crew has been known to poke fun at any and all situations. This past Tuesday, Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley once again upheld that tradition by re-enacting one of the most talked about feuds of the year.

The internet went crazy earlier this week after Shannon Sharpe and Skip Bayless appeared on Monday’s episode of Undisputed . During the discussion about Tom Brady. The conversation turned into a heated argument after Sharp told Bayless he was taking “personal shots” after he mixed his praise for Brady still playing at 45 with criticism for retiring from the Hall of Fame at 35.

“That’s what you do,” Sharp replied. “Every time I question something, I’m jealous.” Let it go, I did what I did. You make me look like a bum. I’m in the hall of fame. I have three Super Bowls.”



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