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The Warriors have lost four of their last five games since Sunday’s 132-118 loss to the Chicago Bulls at the United Center.

Additionally, three of those four losses came against teams with losing records. The Detroit Pistons, Orlando Magic and Bulls all came away with wins that pushed the Warriors (21-22) back under .500.

However, Anthony Lamb says the Warriors are not hitting the panic button despite their recent struggles. The 24-year-old believes there is still plenty of time for the team to turn around the 2022-23 NBA season.

“I never worried about this team,” Lamb told reporters after the game. “I know we’re going to get where we need to go. I think it will be important to take steps to do it quickly, but I have no doubt that we can do it at any time. I guess it’s just to each their own. -Accountability and knowing that you have to work on the things that you have to work on.

“The reason I’m just worried about getting better at what I do is because I had four fouls in the fourth quarter that was like not doing one of our keys. being focused, locked into our game plan. What we’re trying to do is important, and if everyone can do it in their own way, whatever it takes, then you’ll see a turnaround as fast as tomorrow. “

“Warriors” have passed the half of the season. As a result, Golden State has 39 games left to turn things around and match the franchise’s standards, which have led to four championships in the last eight seasons.

CONTACT: The Warriors slip further from the team’s high standard after losing to the Bulls

Lamb and Co. can quickly move past this ugly Bulls loss in a back-to-back against the Washington Wizards on Martin Luther King Jr. Day at Capital One Arena.

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