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Former 15-year NBA veteran Amare Stoudemire is facing battery charges after he allegedly punched one of his teenage daughters in the face.

Miami-Dade County court records show that Stoudemire, 40, was arrested early Sunday morning and later released on $1,500 bail with a no-contact order.

Stoudemire allegedly hit one of his two teenage daughters during an argument at his Miami home Saturday night, according to a police report obtained by The Miami Herald. The report did not say which of Stoudemire’s two daughters, ages 17 and 14, was hit.

According to the police report, Stoudemire allegedly confronted the girl and accused her of disrespecting her mother during a phone call. When she denied it, he told her. “You’re talking again,” and punched him in the jaw, leaving him bleeding, the report said.

The girl contacted her mother, Stoudemire’s ex-wife, who came to the house, picked up the two girls and their two brothers, and called the police.

The report states that when officers went to Stoudemire’s home, he told them the teenage girl was “upset because he called her out for being disrespectful and a liar.” Then he invoked his right to remain silent.

Stoudemire denied the allegations against him in a statement released on social media Sunday night.

“I could never see myself attacking anyone, especially my children,” Stoudemire wrote. “I respect, protect and love my family, especially my children. As a father, I ask for your mercy as we secure our space and privacy.”

Miami police officials did not immediately respond to a phone call from The Associated Press.

Court records do not list an attorney for Stoudemire. Her Instagram account shows she received her master’s degree from the University of Miami earlier Saturday.

Stoudemire won the Rookie of the Year award with the Phoenix Suns after the 2002-03 season. After eight seasons with Phoenix, he was traded to the New York Knicks, where he played for five years. He finished his NBA career with one season each with the Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heat before playing in Israel. He retired in 2017.

During his NBA career, Stoudemire made six All-Star teams and averaged 18.9 points and 7.8 rebounds per game.


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