NASCAR and Churchill Downs, a marriage waiting to happen?


NASCAR should consider running the Busch Clash at Churchill Downs.

It’s a narrow flat track and would be interesting. No pit stops. If y’all crash or blow up, you get towed off the track.

To make it more interesting, 50 laps, – 25 counter-clockwise and 25 clockwise. Maybe even make it a “sack race,” with the crew chief riding shotgun.


Churchill Downs would be a fun place to try a different type of horsepower.


What a great idea. If they can race at the LA Coliseum, why not the mile-long dirt oval in Louisville?

Just brilliant. . . but wait. . . I feel like I’ve heard that idea before.

Hmmm. Wonder where. . . Oh. . .


Right here!

Back on Feb. 9, according to the BIR, in the aftermath of LA’s inaugural Busch Clash.

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