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Who made it from the qualifying round to the full GWA World Tour 2023?

by GWA Wingfoil World Tour 17 Jan 02:40 HKT

Wing Foil Fleet © WingFoil Racing

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Due to oversubscribed GWA Wingfoil World Tour events over the past two years, the number of participants per event is limited for the 2023 season.

Finishing in the top five in each category in the 2022 Qualifying Series was just one way to be assured of qualifying for the 2023 World Tour events.

Nine GWA QS events were held in 2022 on four continents, with six events in Spain, Italy, Germany, Brazil, Hong Kong and South Africa. 190 men and 27 women competed in the Surf Slalom events, while 84 men and 19 women competed in the Surf-Freestyle events.

Fleet sizes and entry into the 2023 World Tour

In 2022, the Surf-Freestyle World Tour fleet was 48 riders per event.
In 2023, it was reduced to 32 riders.

In 2022, the Surf-Slalom world tour fleet was 80 riders per event.
In 2023, it was reduced to 48 riders.

Find out who were the five riders who qualified for the 2023 World Tour in each of the Men’s and Women’s Surf Freestyle and Surf Slalom 2022 qualifying series…

See which riders have qualified

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