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The Minnesota Twins are one of eight teams with a competitive balance pick in Round B of the 2023 draft. That meant their international signing bonus pool was set at $6,366,900. This isn’t an influx of money, but a feature that Gemini has at their disposal to remove as they add talent.

Several of the Twins’ current top prospects were brought in via international free agency. Among the diamonds in the system is Emmanuel Rodriguez, and Yasser Mercedes has also raised himself to that level. 2022 Major League Champion Luis Aares was traded from Venezuela and longtime shortstop Max Kepler was brought in from Germany.

In October, Jamie Cameron wrote about three of the top 50 international prospects expected to be signed by Minnesota. Each of them formally agreed to the deals With Gemini on Sunday and can start their professional career.

#11 Ariel Castro – From Cuba
Castro earned himself a $2.4 million bonus, the most handed out by Minnesota this year. Here’s what Jamie had to say about Castro back in October. “Castro is already 6’2, 180 pounds at 16 and has one of the best left-handed swings in the class. As with any international free agent, it’s difficult to project a 16-year-old player, but Castro has an all-around profile similar to Emmanuel Rodriguez, now a consensus top 100 global prospect. Castro has average speed and despite his good instincts, is probably a pro-level corner. The bat is the selling point here. He has the ability to handle plus percussion and electrics, a combination that will make him an extremely valuable commodity at the next level.”’s Jesse Sanchez said of Castro: “Castro continues to develop physically and has emerged as one of the best hitters on the international market. There is a lot of projection with the outfielder and he could end up with above-average power. Defensively, Castro displays good instincts in center field and a strong arm. He could end up being a power hitting corner. He projects to be a middle runner.”

#31 Carlos Silva – Venezuela
Silva, out of Venezuela, received the lowest bonus of the three, registering $1.1 million. Here is Jamie’s scouting report on Silva: “He’s 16, 5’9, listed at 150 pounds, and already has a balanced profile that blends a good approach at the plate with strong defensive skills. Behind the plate, Silva has a solid arm and quick release and pop time. Offensively, he has good speed. Although he currently favors the stretch side, he has the potential to develop an all-round attacking approach. Silva will strengthen the necessary position for the Twins organizationally.”

Knowing that catcher is a position Minnesota can improve throughout the system, hitting on Silva would be a positive. Sanchez says: “As for Silva, the right-handed hitter from Venezuela has a compact frame that suits him well behind the plate. He also has the skills to keep him there as he progresses through the minor leagues. Silva has impressed scouts with his pop times and arm strength, which has the potential to be an above-average tool in the future. He shows good footwork along with solid receiving and blocking skills.”

#38 Hendry Chivilly – SS Dominican Republic
Many athletic prospects end up playing in the middle. Minnesota signed Chivilly to a $2.1 million deal while he is currently a shortstop. Jamie said of the Dominican native. “Currently 17 years old, Chivilly is 6’3 and 155 pounds. Chivilli fits the Twins mold in 2023 without a standout tool. (He rates as a future 50 in all areas of his game). What stands out about Chivili is his athleticism. He’ll put on a ton of weight and muscle in the coming years, giving him a healthy level of predictability to add real offense to his already solid defense in short order.”

Although Chivilly was the lowest of the three acquisitions, it is notable that he received a fairly substantial bonus. Sanchez said about Chivili. “Chivilly has the ability to be the type of player to impact the game on both sides of the ball. The teenager displays solid tools across the board, and those skills should improve as he matures and his body develops. The Dominican prospect is already showing good arm strength and is projected to be above average as he works his way through the Minor Leagues.”

In addition, the Twins signed seven other international prospects through Monday night, according to Baseball America.

Juan Hernandez, SS, Venezuela

Jeicol Surumay, RHP, Venezuela
Miguel Cordero, RHP, Venezuela

Angel Trinidad, OF, Dominican Republic

Ewing Matos, OF, Dominican Republic
Moises Lopez, 3B, Dominican Republic
Adrian Bohorquez, RHP, Venezuela

What prospects are you most excited to see in professional baseball?


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