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DALLAS (AP) – Dirk Nowitzki stood with his son Max, both ready to pull the lever that will open the statue of the retired Dallas Mavericks star outside the team’s arena.

It was already revealed that the statue featured Nowitzki’s signature one-legged jumper. Not that there was ever any question.

“That jump shot was just going up into the sky, creating all kinds of rain,” said Los Angeles Lakers coach Darwin Hamm, whose team played the Mavericks in the Christmas Day game that followed Nowitzki’s ceremony Sunday.

Nowitzki has a street named after him not far from the American Airlines Center, where his jersey is placed in the rafters. And now the nearly 24-foot statue in the plaza south of the arena, unveiled on a cold but sunny morning.

“It was emotional,” said Nowitzki, the only NBA player to play all 21 seasons with the same franchise. “When it came up, I thought the sun was perfect today, just shining on him.”


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