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PARK CITY, Utah (AP) – Germany won three of the five World Cup events Saturday at the 2002 Salt Lake Olympics, while Emily Sweeney and Brittney Arndt won medals for the United States.

Germany took gold in the women’s race, where Diana Eitberger held off Sweeney for victory, as well as in the men’s doubles and women’s sprints. Tobias Wendl and Tobias Arlt won the men’s doubles, and Julia Taubitz won the women’s doubles.

Eitberger’s winning time in the back-to-back women’s two heats — the sprints are just one stage — was 1 minute, 26.471 seconds. Sweeney finished with a time of 1:26.611 to continue his strong start to the season; Taubitz was third in 1:26.619.

The U.S. had four women finish in the top 12 in both heats, with Arndt seventh on her home track, Ashley Farquharson ninth and Summer Breacher 12th.

In the women’s sprint, Arndt had the best World Cup time of 31.902 seconds behind only Taubitz (31.717) and Eitberger (31.816). Farquharson was fourth, Britcher seventh and Sweeney 10th for the US


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