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Thoughtfulness Jon Heyman’s column was as brief as possible so I’ll do my best to make it quick as well. Michael Conforto has been linked with the Cubs again, and the Marlins and Astros have also been interested, though Houston may prefer a reunion with Michael Brantley. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard about it Cubs/Conforto pairingand all this idleness makes it easy to start on speculative threads

With a full outfield and Conforto looking for an everyday opportunity, his addition would be a strong indication that the Cubs want to move Ian Happ. That contradicts a report earlier last season that the front office was expected to engage both Happ and Nico Hoerner in extension talks, but the calculus has already changed quite a bit in a short period of time.

One factor is the attractiveness the search has seen several potential targets come off the board. Signing Conforto might have had the Cubs calling the Blue Jays, which they were Reportedly interested in Happ when he was bought prematurely. The Jays just added Kevin Kiermaier, but they also traded Teoscar Hernandez and could be willing to talk about one of their three for Happ.

This is all highly speculative, of course, and the various moving parts make it little more than a fun thought exercise. However, the Cubs need to do something here soon, and that could mean the start of their third annual deadline sale.


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