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MELBOURNE, Australia (AP) — Wearing a navy blue Roger Federer jersey and a gray stroller, he pushes his 1-year-old daughter Martina (as in Hingis) along the court at Rod Lever Arena at the Australian Open. Angelica Ibarra spoke for many tennis fans when she described her mood on Day 1 of a Grand Slam tournament as two of the sport’s most important players retired.

“I grew up watching Roger play, so to me tennis is Roger and Roger is tennis,” said Ibarra, who said he is from Colombia and now lives in Melbourne. “Roger’s return to tennis is a bit emotional. I also love women’s tennis and the Williams sisters aren’t here either. But I’m really excited to see the upcoming talent of the new generation. I’ll be watching some new players for the first time.”

The 2023 edition of the Australian Open, which kicked off on an overcast Monday morning (Sunday evening EST), isn’t the first Grand Slam to be contested without Roger Federer or Serena Williams, of course.

So was the 2022 Australian Open, to name just one example.


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