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On Tuesday night, Major League Baseball announced the results of the Baseball Hall of Fame voting and the Philadelphia Phillies/St. Louis Cardinals legend Scott Rolen was the only player to receive 76.3% of the vote.

A few former New York Yankees were not so lucky, such as Andrew Jones (58.1%), Gary Sheffield (55%), Carlos Beltran (46.5%), Alex Rodriguez (35.7%), Andy Pettitte (17%) ) and Bobby Abreu. (15.4%) was well below the 75% threshold. Fortunately, Bombers fans saw Derek Jeter locked up in 2021 (picked up in 2020), but it may be a few years before they see another former Yankee earn that honor.

At this rate, we can assume A-Rod will never get in. Not only was he associated with the steroid era, but he failed two performance-enhancing drug tests. And if Barry Bonds, the greatest offensive player we’ve ever seen, doesn’t get in, neither does Rodriguez.

And what about the other realistic possibilities on this ballot and those joining in 2024? Next year is Sheffield’s last year of eligibility, but he needs a big hit as he was 20% off this time.


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