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One the biggest events in poker history World Poker Tour (WP)T World Championship — concluded Tuesday evening Elliot Hudon claiming the $4,136,000 first place prize, beating out a massive field of 2,960 entrants. Win Las Vegas.

The final table, one of the fastest World Poker Tour story (55 hands over 2.5 hours), started with a bang when Benny Glaser, who came in with a sizable chain, made an aggressive move from under the gun with ace-jack. With four of the six players sitting on small stacks, the jam was an interesting game considering Hudon, who was behind him, also had a big stack, albeit a smaller one.

The push made sense in that if Hudon called for ICM reasons, he would generally have to wake up with aces or kings. Well, he really woke up with the kings and less than 10 minutes into the game he was leading the chips by quite a large margin when his opponent got no help from the board.

Glazer fought back, however, and didn’t let the rough hand distract him from the prize. He’s one of the best in the game, with more than $3.6 million in live tournament cashes entering the WPT World Championship, per Hendon Mob, which includes four. World Series of Poker bracelets. But ultimately, as you’re going to learn, a misplaced bluff cost him a shot at winning the tournament.

WPT World Championship Final Table Results

Place: Player: Prize:
1: Elliot Hudon $4,136,000
2: Benny Glaser 2,830,000 dollars
3: Jean-Claude Moussa $2,095,000
4: Adam Adler $1,608,000
5:00 Frank Funaro $1,301,000
6:00 Colton Bloomberg $1,001,050
Benny Glaser
Benny Glaser started the final table as the chip leader.

End table operation

Although each player at the final table pocketed $1,001,050 regardless of Tuesday’s action. But there was much more on the table: the possibility of a $3.1 million pay raise.

Following Hudon’s early pass to the chip leader, Colton Bloomberg 60/40 moved his nine big blind stack in against Glazer, who shoved and won the hand, sending Blomberg home in sixth place ($1,001,050).

The remaining five players could breathe a sigh of relief knowing they’ve taken salary hikes. After a few hands, Hudon picked up the kings again and used them for a bust Frank Funarowho held ace-ten, in fifth place ($1,301,000).

Frank Funaro wpt
Frank Funaro, fifth place finisher.

The action was moving quickly right off the bat, but then the small stacks started to back off a bit. It wasn’t another hour when Hudon cut in Adam Adler in fourth place ($1,608,000) when a flush draw failed.

shortly after Jean-Claude Moussa Lost 60/40 to Houdon to finish third ($2,095,000). That set up a main draw for the World Poker Tour title and millions of dollars.

Glazer was in a deep hole at the start of the match, 3-1, and he would never have a chance to take the lead. In fact, he was only sent off a few minutes later when the head game started.

Benny Glaser Elliot Haddon
Benny Glaser (left) and Elliot Haddon (right).

The run of bad luck began when he knocked down a pair of aces with an excellent stroke, but ended up cutting the pot. Moments later, he picked the wrong time to make a huge and bold bluff.

Back {7-Clubs}{4-Diamonds} on the button Hudon called and Glazer checked {q-Diamonds}{j-Spades}. The flop came out {8-Hearts}{6-Clubs}{2-Diamonds} and the action checked on the button, who bet 2,000,000 (the size of the big blind) and he got the call.

When {9-Diamonds} appeared on the turn, the big blind checked again and this time faced an 8,000,000 bet. Glazer, who picked up a ball, checked-raised to 28,000,000, which didn’t scare his opponent.

The river {5-of-clubs} Houdoni hit a straight but Glazer shoved all in for his last 59,000,000. Hudon nearly beat him to the basket, made the call and ended the tournament Win Las Vegas $4.1 million units. Glazer received 2.8 million dollars as a consolation prize.

Houdon, who lives in Quebec, Canada, had just $200,000 in live tournament cashes before this event. He is now a multi-millionaire and a member of a prestigious group WPT Champions Club.

The $10,400 tournament started on December 12th and was a huge success. What started with a guaranteed prize pool of $15 million, the largest in poker history, ended up with just over $29 million. With that, the World Poker Tour’s 20th season concludes with its biggest event ever.

Canadian Elliot Hudon
Canadian Elliott Haddon celebrates his victory with his friends.

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*Images courtesy of WPT.


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