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The deep run is complete Daniel Negreanu in WPT World Championshipthanks to a brutally bad stroke during Sunday’s Day 5 session.

Negreanu finished in 17th place with $176,200, which is impressive considering there were 2,960 entries at $10,400. World Poker Tour end of season tournament. But the way he was leaving and the gains he missed out on because of bad at-bats was killer.

A rough way out

Daniel Negreanu wpt poker
Daniel Negreanu reacts to a bad beat at the WPT World Championship.

Going into the historic event, the DNegs needed a top six to catch Carlos Mortensen as the all-time WPT money leader and $301,000 (12th place or better) to pass Mortensen on the Main Tour leaderboard.

An opportunity to overtake the leader appeared on Day 5 as GGPoker: the ambassador was collected, focused and playing sound poker. But then everything fell apart at his hands Lucas Foster at approximately 6:30 PM with blinds at 200,000/400,000.

Negreanu was raised to 800,000 on the button {2-spades}{2-Clubs} Before Foster, in the big blind, three-bet to 2,300,000 back {k-Hearts}{k-Diamonds}. The original raiser with a small pocket pair was going nowhere, so he called and saw {10-Clubs}{4-Clubs}{2-Diamonds}a dream for “Children’s Poker”.

Foster made a sizeable continuation bet of 2,500,000 and got the call. Both players saw {10 of spades} on the turn, pairing the board. Once again, Foster came out aggressively and put his opponent in for 5,000,000.

Negreanu hurriedly called and led by one card. Only four cards in the deck—two 10s and two kings—could send him home. Otherwise, he would be sitting on more than 50 big blinds and would be back in contention for the top spot by $4.1 million.

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In short, the river was {k-Spades}Giving Foster a better full house and sending Negreanu to the rail in 17th place. Although he earned $176,200, he did not come Win Las Vegas because he needed money. He was there chasing the WPT title and smashing the $50 million mark in live tournaments. Instead, he walked away with another deep run, but not a tournament win.

“I felt it again, I felt it in my bones.” Negreanu said as he exited stage left. “I always feel it. I wish I couldn’t.”

Although Negreanu had a rough 2022 World Series of Pokerlosing $1.1 million for the summer and getting badly wasted on Sunday, he’s actually had a pretty impressive poker year. In October, he withdrew the $300,000 purchase Super High Roller Bowl For $3.3 million, and sure enough, he ran deep last week at the Wynn in one of the biggest tournaments in poker history.

At the time of publication, 13 players remained in the WPT World Championship, down from the original 2,960. The tournament will go down to a final table of six by the end of the session, and then everyone else will return on Tuesday to decide the champion. We’ll have a full recap of the day when it’s over.

*Images courtesy of WPT.


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