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The Brewers are shedding salary this offseason, currently $20+MM below where the salary was in 2022. There’s certainly no good reason for that when a team says they want to compete and get back to the postseason and beat the world. Series in 2023. They don’t seem to be playing at the top of the free agent market to spend those salary savings.

So what are they giving up the rest of the team for? The most logical answer is to extend the contracts of the current players. The main candidates for an extension are Corbin Burns, Brandon Woodruff and Willie Adams. All three have two years left in free agency.

Losing any of these three players would be a huge blow to the team’s hopes of winning the World Cup. Losing all three would be catastrophic.

The best way to avoid this is to negotiate contract renewals and sign at least one of them. Whether it’s Burns or Adams or Woodruff, they have to keep at least one. Keeping two would be fantastic. Extending all three is probably a pipe dream.

Brewers have money to spend. They don’t seem to want to spend it on free agents, and that’s fine, as long as they’re willing to spend it on their current players and extend them.

This is the last thing, but also a huge thing on Matt Arnold’s to-do list. He needs to get at least one of these guys signed to a long-term contract before opening day. If he doesn’t ask questions, they’ll only continue into the offseason and into the offseason, as trade candidates and teams will just keep calling. If you get down to just one season of control, the team loses more and more leverage not only in extension negotiations, but also in trade negotiations if they choose to go that route.

Save yourself a headache, Matt Arnold, do as many extensions as you can from three.

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