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Major League Baseball’s international signing period opened SSunday, January 15.

While players usually sign contracts with clubs several years in advance, January 15 is the first date they can officially sign contracts. Below are the signing contracts for all 30 teams, with names to be added throughout the day.

Just like draft picks or major league free agents, none of these agreements are official until the player signs. her contract, completed his physical and was approved by the Commissioner’s office. Some players will sign their contracts today, while others who have agreements will sign their contracts later this week or, in some cases, later. The signing period is open until December 15, 2023.

Once the players have signed their contracts, we will be sharing their photos throughout the day on our social media pages via Twitter and Instagram.

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For scouting reports on the best bonus players in the class, click here to read our International Bonus Board. All 30 teams are listed below with their bonus pool in parentheses.

Arizona D-Backs ($5,825,500)

Gian Zapata, OF, Dominican Republic
Jeremy Rodriguez, SS, Dominican Republic
Yasser Soler, 3B, Dominican Republic
Enyervert Perez, SS, Venezuela

Atlanta Braves ($5,284,000)

Luis Guanipa, Of, Venezuela

Baltimore Orioles ($5,825,500)

Luis Almeida, SS, Dominican Republic
Keeler Morfe, RHP, Venezuela
Jose Mejia, SS, Dominican Republic
Felix Amparo, SS, Dominican Republic

Boston Red Sox ($4,644,000)

Yoelin Cespedes, SS, Dominican Republic

Chicago Cubs ($5,284,000)

Derniche Valdez, SS, Dominican Republic
Ludwing Espinoza, SS, Venezuela
Angel Cepeda, SS, Dominican Republic

Chicago White Sox ($5,284,000)

Luis Reyes, RHP, Dominican Republic
Abraham Nunez Jr., SS, Dominican Republic
Angelo Hernandez, C, Venezuela

Cincinnati Reds ($6,366,900)

Alfredo Duno, C, Venezuela
Alexander Alcantara, SS, Dominicka Republic

Cleveland Guardians ($5,825,500)

Welby Francisca, SS, Dominican Republic
Yerlin Luis, OF, Dominican Republic

Colorado Rockies ($5,825,500)

Robert Calaz, OF, Dominican Republic
Alexander Wolff, OF, Dominican Republic
Yeker Reyes, OF, Venezuela

Detroit Tigers ($6,366,900)

Enrique Jimenez, C, Venezuela
Christian Perez, OF, Dominican Republic
Anibal Salas, OF, Venezuela
Maikol Orozco, SS, Venezuela

Houston Astros ($5,284,000)

Camilo Diaz, SS, Dominican Republic
German Ramirez, SS, Dominican Republic
Esmil Valencia, OF, Dominican Republic

Kansas City Royals ($5,825,500)

Emmanuel Santos, OF, Dominican Republic
Darwin Cruz, OF, Dominican Republic

Marwys Jorge, RHP, Dominican Republic

Los Angeles Angeles ($4,644,000)

Felix Morobel, SS, Dominican Republic
Byron Castillo, OF, Dominican Republic

Los Angeles Dodgers ($4,144.00)

Yoandri Vargas, SS, Dominican Republic
Arnaldo Lantigua, OF, Dominican Republic
Daniel Mielcarek, SS, Dominican Republic

Miami Marlins ($6,366,900)

Janero Miller, LHP / OF, Bahamas
Fabian Lopez, SS, Dominican Republic
Manuel Genao, RHP, Dominican Republic

Milwaukee Brewers ($6,366,900)

Yoffery Rodriguez, OF, Dominican Republic
Kevin Ereu, SS, Venezuela
Filippo Di Turri, SS, Venezuela

Minnesota Twins ($6,366,900)

Ariel Castro, OF, Cuba
Hendry Chivilly, SS, Dominican Republic
Carlos Silva, C, Venezuela

New York Mets ($5,284,000)

Daiverson Gutierrez, C, Venezuela
Christopher Lares, SS, Venezuela
Daviel Hurtado, LHP, Cuba
Anthony Baptiste, OF, Dominican Republic

New York Yankees ($5,284,000)

Brando Maya, Of, Cuba
Gabriel Terrero, SS, Dominican Republic

Oakland Athletics ($6,366,900)

Luis Danis Morales, RHP, Cuba

Philadelphia Phillies ($4,644,000)

Starlyn Caba, SS, Dominican Republic

Pittsburgh Pirates ($5,825,500)

Raymond Mola, OF, Dominican Republic
Jonathan Rivero, C, Venezuela
Bladimir Pitchardo, RHP, Dominican Republic

St. Louis Cardinals ($5,284,000)

Andrew Arthur, Off, Bahamas

San Diego Padres ($5,825,500)

Ethan Salas, C, Venezuela

San Francisco Giants ($5,284,000)

Rayner Arias, OF, Dominican Republic

Seattle Mariners ($6,366,900)

Felnin Celesten, SS, Dominican Republic
Sebastian De Andrade, C, Venezuela

Tampa Bay Rays ($6,366,900)

Brainer Guerrero, OF, Dominican Republic
Jose Urbina, RHP, Venezuela
Wilian Trinidad, SS, Dominican Republic

Texas Rangers ($4,144.00)

Sebastian Walcott, SS, Bahamas

Toronto Blue Jays ($5,284,000)

Emmanuel Bonilla, OF, Dominican Republic

Washington Nationals ($5,284,000)

Andy Acevedo, OF, Dominican Republic
Edwin Solano, SS, Dominican Republic
Juan Obispo, OF, Dominican Republic

Photo of Julio Rodriguez by Steph Chambers Getty Images

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