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The Rams won the Super Bowl a year ago with their famous “F them picks” strategy of trading draft picks for veteran players, but this season the Rams came back down to earth, and many questioned whether the Rams’ approach was viable long term. term strategy for the team.

But Cowboys owner Jerry Jones made a surprising comment Wednesday, lumping this year’s NFC champion Eagles with last year’s Rams. Jones said both the Rams and Eagles won this year, while Jones wants the Cowboys to build for the long term.

“Anyone who thinks I won’t take a chance has misread the tea leaves. But I’m thinking longer term,” Jones said. “And I’m really hesitant to bet it all on a year. Many things can happen for that year. Basically, we’re seeing some teams that have had real success putting it all out there and paying for it later in Philadelphia and Los Angeles.”

But while Jones makes a strong case that the Rams paid for it a year later, the Eagles had a fundamentally different approach. Granted, the Eagles traded a first-round draft pick for wide receiver AJ Brown, but they did so only after a series of trades that left them in a good position with multiple first-round picks. And the Eagles also have two first-round picks in the 2023 NFL Draft. The Eagles also currently have more cap space for 2023 than the Cowboys, so it’s hard to see how Jones can justify any claim that the Eagles are covered while the Cowboys are thinking longer.

However, Jones believes the Rams and Eagles are similar.

“It’s pretty impressive to have two teams empty the bucket and get to the Super Bowl in the last two years,” Jones said. “But if you miss, it’s a long time.”

Jones said he doesn’t think the Cowboys should be either the most aggressive team in making trades and free agent signings or too hesitant to take risks.

“I like where we are right now, more in the middle,” Jones said.

The Eagles like where they are right now, in the Super Bowl.


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