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Superstar Carlos Correa and the Mets signed a contract in the middle of the night after his Giants deal fell through, according to the New York Post. Correa’s new contract with the Mets is worth $315 million over 12 years, sources told The Post.

Something happened after Correa’s medicals, and Cohen swooped in on the deal he thought had gotten away from him. Correa will play third base for the Mets, giving the Mets a star-studded lineup and Cohen a record salary north of $380 million.

“We need one more thing, and this is it,” Cohen told The Post from Hawaii. “This was important… This lifts us up. This is a good team. In: hope it’s a good team.”

Carlos Correa
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Correa’s Mets deal is pending a medical. Something came up during his medical with the Giants that caused the 13-year, $350 million deal with the Giants to fall apart. It was said to be more than just a back problem that occurred earlier in Correa’s career, but it hasn’t kept him out in any of the past three seasons.

Cohen, who recently lamented that he couldn’t work with Correa, made the deal from Hawaii, where he was stationed, with Correa’s agent, Scott Boras, reportedly within four or five hours of what Boras called “a difference if opinion” on Correa. Giants medical.

“This really makes a big difference,” Cohen said. “I felt our pitch was in good shape. We needed another striker. This lifts us up.”

Carlos Correa
Carlos Correa

It seems unreal that the Mets were able to get a deal done in a matter of hours. But as Cohen explained, they just resumed talks the day before Cohen’s final call, when Correa and the Giants would make their deal.

“We kind of picked up where we were before and it just worked,” Cohen said.

Cohen’s Mets are on record for payroll and taxes. His cap hit would be $100 million now that the Mets added Justin Verlander, Kodai Senga, Jose Quintana and David Robertson this winter and brought back Brandon Nimmo and Edwin Diaz. But Cohen seems unfazed by the staggering cost.

“What’s the difference? If you’re going to make a move, make the move,” Cohen said.

The Mets are now loaded with stars, including Francisco Lindor, slugger Pete Alonso and ace Max Scherzer, along with the huge moves Cohen and Co. made this winter (Correa, Justin Verlander and Kodai Senga).

Cohen said: “Hopefully the fans will show up.”



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