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Kentucky knocked off Tennessee on the road in the first of 11 upsets in college basketball on Saturday. (AP/Wade Payne)

Outside of the top four teams hanging strong once again, this past weekend was a wild and historic one in men’s college basketball.

The sport is as unpredictable as it has been in recent years, setting up an entertaining finale months before the NCAA tournament come March.

Here’s everything you missed from Week 10 of the season and the final Associated Press men’s college basketball poll.

11 ranked teams lose wild Saturday

Saturday was, well, chaotic.

Eleven different ranked teams all lost on Saturday, tying an AP poll record that dates back nearly 12 years, according to ESPN.

First, Kentucky fell to No. 5 Tennessee 63-56. The win was big for the Wildcats, who have struggled and overcome some serious injury issues so far this season. Both guards Cason Wallace and Jacob Taupin returned and they, along with star Oscar Tshibwe, picked up what was their biggest win of the season.

“I haven’t lost faith in any of these guys,” Kentucky coach John Calipari said, via the Associated Press. “I have a good team.”

Elsewhere in the top 10, No. 9 Arizona went 19-19 and lost to unranked Oregon on the road Saturday. Then Kansas State, Iowa State, Arkansas, Miami, Wisconsin, Providence, Missouri, San Diego State and Duke lost to round out Saturday’s slate.

No. 25 Marquette also fell to Xavier on Sunday. The Golden Eagles still climbed five spots in the latest polls, however, thanks to a win against UConn earlier in the week that saw their losing streak continue.

The Huskies, off to a 14-0 start and as high as No. 2 in the nation, trailed by 11 on Sunday at St. John’s. It marked their fourth defeat in five games, dropping them to nine places and relegated. Number 15 this week.

“Their schedule was a lot tougher than our schedule today,” UConn coach Dan Hurley said of St. John’s, via the Hartford Courant . “I was just obviously disappointed, I didn’t see it coming. We thought we would play a lot better and we just looked weak and unprepared, so disappointing just begins to describe it. … To be where we were a few weeks ago, to be where we are today, there’s just a lot of frustration.”

A total of 13 ranked teams lost last weekend, which also tied a weekend record.

So after a solid showing by the top four teams in the country, it’s time to reset the rankings.

Complete AP Top 25

The complete AP Top 25 poll for Monday, January 16.

1. Houston (17-1)

2. Kansas (16-1)

3. Purdue (16-1)

4. Alabama (15-2)

5. UCLA (16-2)

6. Gonzaga (16-3)

7. Texas (15-2)

8. Xavier (15-3)

9. Tennessee (14-3)

10. Virginia (13-3)

11. Arizona (15-3)

12. Iowa State (13-3)

13. Kansas State (15-2)

14. TCU (14-3)

15. UConn (15-4)

16. Auburn (14-3)

17. Miami (14-3)

18. Charleston (18-1)

19. Clemson (15-3)

20. Marquette (14-5)

21. Baylor (12-5)

22. Providence (14-4)

23. Rutgers (13-5)

24. FAU (16-1)

25. Arkansas (12-5)

Others receiving votes: North Carolina State 111, Saint Mary’s 106, Arizona State 79, New Mexico 67, Illinois 61, San Diego State 44, Michigan State 29, Duke 24, Wisconsin 14, Creighton 9, Kent State 8, Boise State 6, Texas A&M 5, Ohio State 3, Missouri 3, VCU 2, Iowa 2, North Carolina 1


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