Waterway Crosses $1B Global Box Office – Deadline

Wednesday UPDATE.Update to latest… James Cameron Avatar: The way of water has officially crossed the $1 billion global mark. As we wrote yesterday (see below), the 20th Century Studios/Disney sequel hit its milestones with Tuesday’s earnings. This benchmark was met in just 14 days of global release.

Water road now he has the bragging rights of being the fastest since $1B Spider-Man. No Way Home: and the fastest in 2022. It also only became 6th movie will ever cross $1 billion in its first two weeks of release, and 4th Disney release to do this.

On Tuesday, Na’vi received $50.8 million from offshore markets and $23.8 million domestically.


PREVIOUSLY, TUESDAY. James Cameron Avatar: The way of water is on its way to the $1 billion global box office mark, surpassing $900 million worldwide in its second Monday. This is the latest benchmark for the highly-anticipated sequel and comes just 13 days after the global rollout. Back 955 dollars.1 m until monday The way of water became the 3rd highest-grossing film of 2022 and the 4th highest-grossing film of the pandemic era. Moreover, with today’s participation, it is expected to reach the $1 billion global milestone.

By Monday, there will be a separation $293.2 million household and $661.9 million at the international box office. Internationally, Water road is now considered the #2 release of 2022 and the #3 studio title of the Pandemic era.

Mids were very strong last week, and the sci-fi epic continues that trend this week with the holidays in full swing and plenty of holiday distractions in the rearview. France and Italy, for example, saw their best game days on the Monday of this week after the film opened.

Monday’s total offshore shipments totaled $52.2 million, while domestic shipments totaled $31.5 million.

The top 5 foreign markets through Monday are China ($104.5 million), France ($60.5 million), Korea ($55.4 million), Germany ($41.5 million) and India ($39, 2 million dollars).

On Tuesday, and not included in the above totals, the 20th Century Studios/Disney sci-fi epic climbed to $108.7 million in China by local count. Ticketing service Maoyan has raised its forecast again, now seeing a $170 million finale. Domestic estimates in Korea put it at $58.2 million by Tuesday’s close.

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