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As previously reported, Vince McMahon has been reinstated to WWE’s board of directors and is exploring the possibility of selling the company.’s Steve Carrier noted that Vince McMahon was back at the WWE office “all week” and also noted the following…

“McMahon wants to make sure he surrounds himself with the right people for the job. This included bringing back someone who was fired by WWE during their hiatus. We’re told he brought Brad Bloom back as his chief of staff 1 1/2 months after WWE released him.

Dave Meltzer of later confirmed Carrier’s report…

“Ringside News first reported that McMahon had returned to the office and proposed changes, and we have confirmed that story as well. The talent was told Friday that Paul Levesque [Triple H] he’ll remain in charge of the creative, and Levesque let slip a script that Vince might make suggestions, and he’s talking to a few people about the creative, and they might make suggestions, but he’s making the final calls.”


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