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“Naïve” is an underrated track from her fourth album, Lately I Feel Everything. It’s tender and worth a listen.

Smith performs on stage during the Willow & Erys Tour at The Tabernacle in 2019.

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“Naïve” is a cry of vulnerability and tenderness. It’s a bid for tenderness and honesty when the singer sometimes doesn’t trust even her own instincts.

Although it’s easy to sing, it’s not light at all. The song painstakingly details the sometimes bittersweet reality of romance. In the opening part of the ballad, you are in a busy moment, followed by a heavy confrontation; “You hate, then you love, but what’s the ratio?/Tell me, are you ready or not?”

These questions perfectly capture the ambivalence of modern dating. He finds himself with someone who is oppositional and unsure of their intentions and asks for clarification.

Despite this, she still has a sweet spot for this man, and after all, she “just wants to see [them] “Bloom”. The seriousness of this path, the need for trust and honesty, is something many can relate to.

As Smith belts out his confession that he just wants them to “tell [her] when he’s naïve,” there’s a dissonance with his voice and instrumentation that perhaps signals his own confusion.

Listen to “Naïve” here.


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