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PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — Thousands of people filled the temple of St. Peter and Paul will be hitting up beloved DJ Jerry Blavat in Philadelphia on Saturday.

“My man, pots and pans, clap, clap your hands. We are united today by those words,” former Action News anchor Jim Gardner said after reading the Kimmel family’s letter.

Blavat was known as a “heater with a heater” and a “boss with hot sauce.” He united generations through his music.

His funeral was intended to be a celebration of life.

“He planned it. He planned the whole thing. This is exactly what she wanted, she wanted a celebration,” said Phyllis Kaminsky, sister of Blavat’s longtime partner Kiley.

Iconic singer Dionne Warwick gave a eulogy to a packed crowd. Some of the audience members were his closest friends.

“He just had such a great soul, and that joy that he brought through his music and his radio station was pure,” said Heather Akard, another sister of Kiley’s.

Others who attended were fans who felt a deep connection to him.

“He was so funny. When we went to his dances and stuff, he was just a regular guy. He would be there dancing with us,” said Sandy Moore of Levittown.

Armed with memories, the masses came out to celebrate their beloved DJ.

“They say legends never die, but he doesn’t. He’s in DJ heaven right now. He’s probably sitting at the table and dancing,” said James Dougherty of Roxborough.

Blavat died on Friday, January 20.

He was 82 years old.

“Thanks again for all the kindness and shared thoughts over the past few days. We have heard from so many who loved Jerry as much as we did,” his family said in a statement earlier this week. “We appreciate all the prayers, love, support and memories. oh those memories.”

CONTACT: Fans remember legendary disc jockey Jerry Blavat for his love of music and dance parties

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