Roc Nation is trending on Twitter as users poke fun at Tori Lanez’s dad

The two weeks leading up to the trial of Tori Lanez and Megan Te Stallion earlier this week have been undeniably tense. Since then, however, the internet has exploded with memes echoing some of the more comedic moments during the case.

Most recently, it’s the artist’s father, Sonstar Peterson, who has been openly mocked online. In particular, Twitter users are having a field day with her condemnation of Roc Nation following her son’s guilty verdict.

“I just stood here and witnessed the worst miscarriage of justice this world has ever seen. You want to know how I feel, I’ll tell you how I feel,” he said after being led from the courthouse last week.

Sonstar apparently believes that Megan’s attorney Alex Spiro and Roc Nation CEO Desiree Perez are to blame for the Lanes’ harassment. In addition, he blamed “the whole evil system of Roc Nation, including you, Jay-Z.”

“You who say you are gone from the well, but you have traded and traded the souls of young people and are still doing it,” Peterson continued, targeting Hov.

Aside from her father’s reaction, the “Say It” hitmaker still has countless fans in her corner. Many of them accordingly signed a petition asking for Lanez’s release. However, that is unlikely to happen before the January 27 sentencing.

Du Stallion himself has remained relatively silent on the situation. Still, Twitter users are keeping the verdict in the vernacular, blaming Roc Nation for some of their problems in the same vein as Sonstar.

“Roc Nation can’t continue to avoid this issue,” one person previously responded to the post, which read: “Doesn’t the fact that it’s 10 degrees in every state seem odd to you?”

Another said: “Half the people who work at Roc Nation can’t even walk into the Roc Nation branch, but they sure control the Los Angeles Superior Court.”

In other news, we recently revealed what Tory Lanez will be eating for Christmas dinner behind bars. Read more about it here, and then check out more hilarious tweets below.


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