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In a new interview with Channel 4 News, producer Rick Rubin referred to his work MURDERERThe classic third album of “Reign in Blood”. Released in October 1986 Def Jam RecordsThe LP was the band’s first collaboration Rubywhose input helped develop the band’s sound. Kerrang! The magazine described the record as “the heaviest album of all time” and a breakthrough in thrash metal and speed metal.

What about his approach to recording a band like this? MURDERER, Ruby said (as transcribed BLABBERMOUTH.NET“When you treat everything the same way, it waters down what’s there.

“Speed ​​metal was a new thing, people who were recording speed metal before “Reign in Blood” recorded speed metal is more like other hard rock or heavy metal. And it’s different. It is all different. Everything we make is different.

“If you look at it in hip-hop, if you make it look like it’s an R&B record, it’s an R&B record with somebody rapping,” he continued. “If it feels like going to a hip-hop club, it’s hip-hop. Spit metal, if you mind DAY OF CARDSit won’t do what MURDERER doing. In that case, MURDERER is… They play very fast – superb fast. And the nature of the fast stuff is that they’re very close together, like kick drums, like; superb fast. When you listen LED ZEPPELIN records, kick drum goes [at a much slower pace]. So if you have one that plays [fast]and you feel like it LED ZEPPELIN, it will just be a blur and noise. you won’t listen any of it. And that’s what was happening until “Reign in Blood”“.

Ruby “And this really… Anyway, it comes from my lack of experience, lack of the ‘right way’ to do it. LED ZEPPELIN did that. But in my mind, not if you are MURDERER. So in some ways, because I wasn’t experienced enough to know “this is how you do it,” I hear it for what it is, and what it is, it’s a very precise and solid thing. And you want to hear its exact severity. And nobody had recorded it like that before, because that’s not how you record things.”

“Reign in Blood” was MURDERER, the first album that entered The Billboard 200 chart (No. 94). The LP was certified gold RIAA: (Recording Industry Association of America) on November 20, 1992 for sales of over 500,000 copies.

“Reign in Blood”was delayed due to concerns over its graphic art and lyrical theme. opening path “Angel of Death”which refers to Josef Mengele and describes activities such as human experiments which Mengele committed at the Auschwitz concentration camp, prompted accusations of Nazism. However, members of the group have repeatedly stated that they do not accept Nazism and are simply interested in the subject.

On the subject of surrounding controversies “Reign in Blood”the lyrical content of MURDERER guitarist Jeff Hanneman he said before.“Angel of Death” it was a big problem. I remember that after finishing the album I got a call. Sony: wasn’t going to release it. I remember being at home, angry, throwing things. What’s the fuss? I didn’t think anything was wrong “Angel of Death” or anything else we’ve done that’s a documentary. There is no “Heil Hitler” or “white people rule”, it’s a documentary. grow up people! It took months before they picked it up again. Eventually we signed a distributor.”

In a 2009 interview Filter magazine, MURDERER front man Tom Araya announced “Reign in Blood”“On that first album [together], Ruby made sure to record. He wanted to copy what he heard.” Guitarist Kerry King “That was the first time you actually heard it MURDERER with its pure ferocity, and it made all the difference. One funny thing about that album is that if it came out today, no one would give a damn. They would say: “That’s good”: But when it came out, it made such a difference. People still think of it as a cruel time where the fool changed.”


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