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It is the sequel to 2020’s Lil Boat 3.

Lil Yachty dropped today! Let’s start hereits further course until 2020 Lil Boat 3:, and as he promised, the album represents a new sound for the Atlanta artist. “My new album is a non-rap album,” Yachty told Ice Box last year. “It’s alternative, it’s sick… It’s like a psychedelic, alternative project. It’s different. It’s all live instrumentation.”

Let’s start here. boasting performances from Fouché, Justin Sky and Diana Gordon, among others. Most of the LP’s guests make more than one appearance on the project, with the exception of Tizo Touchdown, who only joins Yachty on “Journey” and Daniel Caesar, who appears on closer “REACH THE SUNSHINE.” Ahead of the album’s release, Yachty kept things pretty tight-lipped, only revealing the artwork and album title, and released a teaser titled “The Serenity Division.”

Notably absent Let’s start here. Yachty’s surprise experimental hit is “Poland,” which Yachty officially released in 2022 after the song blew up on SoundCloud.

Read all the lyrics to Let’s Start Here. below.

  1. “The BLACK Seminole”.
  2. “the ride-” (Ft. Teezo Touchdown)
  3. “Time’s Running Out” (Ft. Justin Skye)
  4. “PRETTy” (Ft. Foushée)
  5. “:(failure(:”
  6. “The zone~” (Ft. Justine Skye)
  7. “WE SAW THE SUN”.
  8. “Make me crazy!” (feat. Diana Gordon)
  9. “I OFFICIALLY LOST MY VISION!!!!” (feat. Diana Gordon)
  10. “say something”
  11. “Paint the Sky”
  12. “Should I B?”
  13. “The Alchemist”. (Ft. Foushée)
  14. “REACH THE SUN” (Ft. Daniel Caesar)


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