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In a new interview with Australia’s Heavy. POWERMAN 5000 front man Spider One: reflecting on the band’s 2003 split from its then-record label, DreamWorks. Asked if it was a difficult time for the band, he replied (as written: BLABBERMOUTH.NET“Yes, it was. Actually, to be honest, I thought it was. I was like, “Well, that was a fun ride. I think we’re done.”

“2003 was a strange time because everything was starting to change. downloading music started to become a thing, CD sales started to decline, but it’s not over yet,” he explained. “For a lot of bands, your identity and your survival was based on whether or not you had a record deal. Which is funny now because nobody wants a record deal. But then it seemed. “Oh, if we don’t have a record deal, what are we doing? What are we going to do?” So when? DreamWorks Closed shop and we didn’t have a label, I remember finishing this tour and we all kind of looked at each other and said, “Well, that was fun. I think it’s time to find a job. But a funny thing happened. Maybe it was a year later. I was kind of just not sure what I was going to do. And I found that there was a video game company and they asked the music directors to find their music in style POWERMAN 5000. And I was saying: I’m still alive.” So I reached out to them and they [went], ‘Hell Yeah!’ And I wrote them some original music for the video game. And that’s when the light bulb went off. I say, “Wait a minute. This thing still has value. I don’t need a record label.’ And it reinvigorated the whole thing and then [we] just started going more on this independent route. And fast forward 20 years later, and we’re still here.”

POWERMAN 5000 continues to tour in support of his latest album, “Noble Rotten”which was released in August 2020.

in May 2020 POWERMAN 5000 released his reimagining of the classic ’80s new wave smash “We got the shot”. “We got the shot” originally released in 1981 as part of GO-GO’SMultiplatinum debut album “Beauty and the Beat”.

“Stars Revolt Tonight.”, POWERMAN 5000The second album was released on July 20, 1999 DreamWorks. It has sold over a million copies and achieved platinum status behind hits such as “Nobody’s Real” and: “When Worlds Collide”.

in a recent interview with Jai That Aussie Metal Guy!, Spider One: talked about the importance of touring for rock bands compared to back in the day POWERMAN 5000 started for the first time. He said. “For a group like us, [touring is] the life blood of the group. We’re not going to stream enough Spotify: to have significance. If you’re not, I think, the top of the top, Drake or Post Melon or something — streaming is probably not a source of income for any rock band; Maybe METALLIC or something. So you play live?

“It’s funny how, as much as things change, it all goes back to when you started the band and you had nothing and it was just you and your band and a couple of guys in the band and you went on the road and played. “He ordered several rooms at the Holiday Inn,” he continued. “It’s always been that way, and it always will be that way, no matter how much technology changes in the distribution of music. Because it’s the only thing that technology hasn’t been able to replicate so far. So if you want that experience. , there is only one way to get it.”

Spider One: also talked about what it was for POWERMAN 5000 return to live performances after the pandemic. He said. “It was weird after being off the road for a few years with COVID. We went back. [on the road], and I was saying: “I wonder what this would be like” if people were, e.g. “Eh, I don’t need it anymore.” And at least for us as a band, when we went out, I found more excitement and the shows were more fun and crazy than before. So I hope that meant that people really learned to appreciate what that meant [be in a room] with a few hundred sweaty people and just off the cliff. So I found the experience really positive after the whole COVID lockdown.”

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