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One of the best things social media has to offer is that parents can share some of their children’s big moments. Proud parents are going to be proud parents, and modern technology gives us ample opportunity to publicly gush about our offspring without forcing anyone to testify to their growing talents.

Celebrity parents, however, are in a slightly different boat. When you’re famous with millions of followers, you might think twice about sharing videos of your proud parents. But iconic pop star Pink shared a music video of her daughter’s first song like any other proud mom, and it’s totally sweet.

Pink posted the video on Instagram with the caption, “This 11-year-old (11,000-year-old soul) blows me away.”

Pink’s daughter Willow can be seen standing on stage with a purple curtained microphone behind her. A Christmas tree sits on the stage to his left and a piano to his right. The piano accompaniment begins and she begins to sing Olivia Rodrigo’s “Song of the Roses”.

Imagine being the child of one of the best modern singers and wanting to be a singer yourself. It would be so hard not to feel a huge amount of pressure or to not feel like people are going to expect you to look like your mom.

But Willow’s voice is sweet and unique. She doesn’t quite look like Pink, but her performance shows that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree after all.


It takes a lot of courage to stand on stage and sing alone, no matter how talented you are. So kudos to Willow for that alone.

But people love the performance itself, the way he emotionally connects with the song and the way he controls his voice. Even some other famous singers have praised the 11-year-old.

“Holy cow!!! What a voice, what a coolness. Superstar,” singer and actress Mandy Moore wrote.

— Wow Nelly. written by Nancy Wilson from the heart. “They won’t stop him.”

Chrissy Metz of This Is Us fame shared a simple, emoji-filled “Wow.”

The video, of course, has thousands of comments from supportive fans, but as any parent knows, the pride that comes from seeing your child succeed at what they set out to do takes no stretch of the imagination. Pink’s sharing of her daughter’s recital comes from the same drive many parents have to celebrate our children’s achievements and encourage them in their endeavors. (Did you notice the camera start to pan up and down before going down? A sure sign that a parent is trying to balance the recording while watching the speech on the phone. Classic.)

It’s especially sweet to see this proud mommy moment for Pink since she previously shared that she never wanted to be a mom.

“It surprised me. I really didn’t want to be a mom,” she told Carson Daly Today last year. “I didn’t nono I want to be a mom, but it just wasn’t on my bucket list. I had Willow and, man, she said watching your heart walk outside of your body, that’s really what it feels like.”

It is indeed so. Congratulations to Willow for a beautiful recital and congratulations to Pink for raising such a talented, self-motivated young lady.



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