Pie Comedy Sketch From Amazon Series

Canadian legends and dipping-area pioneers the Kids in the Hall are coming to whichever glowing rectangle you get your Amazon Prime through this Friday… the 13th! Brave! The Kids return to the Zeitgeist as older, wiser sketch comedians with arguably even better wigs. And they’ve gifted us an early look at one of their brand-new sketches to assure us that their shtick remains unravaged by time. It’s a new version of the “Dessert” sketch, which first aired in 1995 during the original show’s fifth season and gave us a scientific approach to dipping areas, but now we’re dealing with a darling little pie. It’s actually a bluh-beray tart (pronounced the way a drunken Frenchman would say “blueberry” to you just before he falls over) savage, but when Kevin McDonald’s enthusiastic restaurant patron refuses to so much as acknowledge that there is a difference between tart and pie, a very polite version of hell breaks loose. As the waiters (played by Mark McKinney, Bruce McCulloch, and Dave Foley) huddle with Scott Thompson’s chef to brainstorm ways to get in front of the story, it’s eventually decided that one or all of them must die. Luckily it isn’t Bruce, whose wig is too perfect to burn.

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