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Netizens comment on NewJeans live stageInkigayo.

As announced, NewJeans won #1 on the January 15th episode of the series. SBS: music program The winners of the week took the stage with their encore performance “Oh my GodAs mentioned in previous cases, the AR-free live performance guaranteed for most encore stages has captured the attention of K-pop fans for quite some time.

During the encore stage, each member of NewJeans held a speaker and sang their parts. In the comments section, netizens were pleasantly amused by their live singing abilities and wrote that “Hanni is exceptionally good“, which set a high bar for the group.

Many also commented on Hayne’s “beautiful sound tone“and Danielle”confidencewhile singing live.

More comments and feedback include:

“Hanni is very nice”
“Hanni’s vocal range is amazing and she has power”
“I can’t believe how good Hanni is”
“Hayen’s voice color is so beautiful”
“Hai has such a beautiful voice”
“They’re all good except maybe the beginning”
“Is something wrong with Minji’s ears? It looks like Minji is a little nervous and could work on her confidence.”
“Can’t hear Haerin too well, but they’re all good”
“Hane and Hanni are both so good at dancing and singing”
“really good”
“Is Hanni the lead singer?”

“I think Haerin can work on building up her confidence.”
“It gets better in the end”
“Is he an average rapper?”

What’s your reaction to this encore?



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