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You may or may not know what “singing in writing” means.

It’s a colloquial saying that originated on social media and it describes this annoying singing style/trend that today’s singers are using. Liz Gillis describes it best with this video:

Twitter: @jeeeeeeezybread

In the video, the contestant started singing Amy Winehouse’s “Valerie” and immediately Katy Perry stopped her and said:

The singer continued and Katy was not feeling it again, LOL. “Say all the words,” Cathy snapped. “Don’t mince words.”

Then Katie got even more frustrated, saying, “Say the words.”

The whole moment started blowing up on Twitter this week.

@WitnessNicki she’s right. An island song just isn’t. After that, the girl sounded much better and she even got a golden ticket when she sang in her real voice. Katie is a judge for a reason: to be technical. he’s not trying to grill the girl, just helping her

Twitter: @mortaelinda

However, the judges realized that the contestant had potential and sent him to the next round. There are simply no more literary songs for him.

You can watch the full video here.


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