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Former teen pop star Debbie Gibson hopes Britney Spears will find her way onto the stage. (Photo by Bruce Glickas/Getty Images)

Debbie Gibson has a soft spot for former teenage pop star Britney Spears.

The “Only in My Dreams” singer, 52, shared that she wants nothing but the best for Spears, who has lived through years of turmoil, including a 13-year conservatorship that ended last year.

“It’s very easy to make fun of her posts on social media,” Gibson told Page Six. “But I see someone who’s happy and just dying to get out of that bubble. He’s a natural performer, so if he has to perform in his living room, on social media, that’s what he’ll do.”

Although Spears can often be found posting videos of herself dancing at home, Gibson says she hopes the “Stronger” singer will be back live for her millions of fans soon.

“I hope he finds his stage again,” Gibson said.

Gibson, who shot to fame as a teen pop star in the ’80s with songs like “Foolish Beat” and “Shake Your Love,” credits her protective parents with keeping her safe during her music superstar days. Gibson’s mother, the late music manager Diane Gibson, protected her daughter from the dark side of the industry.

“I’m joking, but not joking, he literally threw his body in front of anyone who could do me any harm, and he prevented any #MeToo situation from happening,” Gibson continued. “It doesn’t always get her brownie points, but it’s highly respected and that protects me. So I’m really lucky that I had protective parents who wanted nothing from me except for me to be sane, happy and healthy.”

While his mother passed away in January of this year, Gibson still has a strong relationship with his father, with whom he is very close. The duo even takes to Instagram together to watch live videos on occasion.

“I’m very lucky because I had my mom and dad. I talked to my dad last night and he’s one of my favorite people in the world and I have a great relationship with him,” Gibson said, carefully alluding to the troubled relationship between Britney and her father, Jamie Spears, who put: his daughter under the conservatory in 2008.

Following her mother’s death in January, Gibson shared an emotional Instagram essay about how her mother was able to raise her daughter to teen superstardom without much knowledge of the music industry.

“Diane loved fiercely, protected those she cared about with every fiber of her being, and with no college education and no showbiz connections, became a bold and groundbreaking music manager in a man’s world,” he wrote. “Self-taught and street smart, a force of nature and an OG ‘Momager’, driven by her intuition, love of music and desire to see my vision reach its full potential, she stopped at nothing to help get my music out there. heard, leaving an undeniable mark on the world and its cultural landscape. I literally couldn’t have done it without him.”

Gibson has stated that the key to her relationship with her mother is that Diana’s focus is always on her daughter.

“He didn’t care about his reputation as much as he cared about me becoming fit and healthy. he wrote:


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