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On December 16, Hook Entertainment: released an official press statement revealing that the agency has paid singer/actor Lee Seung-gi a total of 5.4 billion KRW (about 4.1 million USD) in an attempt to settle an ongoing legal dispute between the artist and management.

The agency announced on this day.

“This is Hook Entertainment.

First, we offer our sincerest apologies to the person who has to endure the hardest times right now, Lee Seung Gi.

As previously reported, Hook Entertainment has been asked to provide a transparent record of Lee Seung-gi’s music distribution revenue accumulated during his exclusive contract and to pay all unpaid royalties based on the recordings.

As a result, the agency earlier this week delivered all the requested files and tried to come to an agreement with Lee Seung-gi by complying with his requests.

However, the payment that Lee Seung-gi demanded from Hook Entertainment was far from the actual amount that the agency owed him for his unpaid earnings, and therefore we were unable to come to a legal settlement.

However, hoping to end this lawsuit as soon as possible against Lee Sung Gi, an artist who has had a long relationship with Hook Entertainment, the agency has paid Lee Sung Gi a base of 1.3 billion KRW (~$1) income. million USD), unpaid music distribution profits of KRW 2.9 billion (~ USD 2.2 million), as well as KRW 1.2 billion (~ USD 915,000) in interest.

After confirming that the agency no longer owes Lee Sung Gi unpaid dues in any way, Hook Entertainment filed a legal claim with the court to verify the agency’s current status, which is not subject to any liability.

Hook Entertainment would like to apologize once again to Lee Seung Gi for causing such misunderstandings through the mistakes of the agency’s management, which led to this legal dispute. The agency will do its best to resolve the remaining legal dispute without further misunderstandings and will ensure that its artists are paid all the earnings due to them in a timely manner from now on.

Once again, we apologize to all those who have been affected by these recent events.”

Lee Seung Gi’s side is expected to make a statement soon.



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