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Vocalist Andy Derris of German veteran power metallurgists HALLOWEEN spoke recently El Cuartel Del Metal about his personal chemistry with his co-star HALLOWEEN singer Michael Kiskewho rejoined the group a few years back in time “Pumpkins United” tour. When asked if she was nervous about working back Kiske so close because they didn’t know each other very well before the tour started, And Iwho lives in Tenerife, the largest of the Spanish Canary Islands, said (as transcribed: BLABBERMOUTH.NET) “I was pretty sure, because it’s not like we met one day in Germany and suddenly he came; [visit me on] the island We had a few weeks to get to know each other, in fact, and it was quite clear that I liked him and he liked me. So we even said to ourselves. “Hey, you’re a cool guy!” And he said: “Hey, same to you!” We realized that it’s actually a shame that we haven’t known each other for decades. Because when you realize that it can fit, and you have the same themes that you’re talking about, and you have a philosophy that’s very compatible, then you ask yourself, life? However, we have all the time in the world is now [laughs] to sit down and save the world.’

Deris continued. “When? [Kiske] arrived on the island, it was clear we were going to have a good time. The management, in fact, told us.Michael comes to the island and you guys got to sit in the studio and talk about vocal arrangements and all that, which we’ve never done. [Laughs] We just walked around all the time. I said, ‘Michael, hey, here’s my Porsche. Let’s go. Let’s drive across the island.’ In my convertible, I opened the roof and we had, for example, two weeks. [going] from one beach to another. It was the perfect thing. And I think the management knows it.”

Last August, Deris talked to Ecuador Telón De Acero radio about how he and his bandmates were able to pull together to overcome the seemingly impossible Kiske and guitarist/vocalist There’s Hansen with Derisguitarists Michael Weikat and: Sasha Gerstnerbass guitar Markus Grosskopf and a drummer Daniel Loebl. He said. “I can tell [Michael and Kai] are now friends. Actually, I didn’t know them [before we got together to discuss their return to HELLOWEEN]. [Laughs] At first it was… To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect. I did not know KaiI did not know Michael, and we just sat around a big round table and everyone was sniffing each other’s ass like dogs. But, hey, we liked each other. So we were just afraid that this is something like at first you feel like it’s a great guy and then after you work with him you think it’s a jerk or something. So you never know. So over time we learned to respect each other a lot and like each other. And I can say back Michael Kiske, I found a definite long, long, long missed friend for my life. And we’re both just a little bummed that we didn’t get to know each other sooner, because two singers who talk on the same beat could have been a pretty cool thing in my life for the last 20 years. So I’m glad I have him now. And I can say that because you all know I’m not gay. [Laughs]”

Deris developed the interpersonal chemistry of all members of the reunited extended classic line-up of the German power metal band. He said. “There are seven pumpkins and each pumpkin is a character. And every day is different. Because we’re so, I think, super crazy characters that every day there’s a different story. it’s something you can get excited about and wait to see what happens next, you never know in this band. But because I think everybody at least likes each other and respects each other, I think that’s what you… When we’re not doing No More Music, you’re probably going to look back on that time and say, this is my life. was the best period because it was exciting and there was something different going on every day.

“One month with the tour HALLOWEEN like a year [laughs] “So much happens and we have so many conversations.” And I has added. “So yeah, it’s great to be with the guys because of that. It’s not boring. In other words, look. Marcus: [Grosskopf] – Marcus: is a party animal, our bass player. There isn’t a day that goes by that you don’t laugh your ass off because he’s so crazy. So you got our drug lord Kai. There are always surprises waiting for him. And you go, like, “Oh my God.” Or you go, like, “Woo-hoo-hoo” or something. There are a lot of crazy people in crazy. Just wondering if it works. [Laughs]”

Upon release in June 2021, HALLOWEENHis latest self-titled album reached the Top 10 in over 10 countries, including Germany, Spain, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland and Austria. The LP cover was painted by the artist Eliran Cantorwho worked before HATE, SOUL, Testament, FROZEN LAND and: SODOMamong others.

Produced Charlie Bauerfeind and: Dennis Ward, “halloween” partially recorded j HOME Studios: in Hamburg (where it all started in 1984). The same recording panel used for such HALLOWEEN albums as: “The Lord of the Rings”, “Swear Time” and: “Better Than Raw” was used to record the band’s new material. Efforts were mixed Valhalla Studios from Ronald Prent (IRON MAIDEN:, DEF LEPPARD:, RAMMSTEIN)

“halloween” saw the legendary German power metallers go “back to their roots” as the band recorded in all-analog and Daniel Loebl plays the drum kit he used before HALLOWEENThe original drummer of , deceased Ingo Schwichtenbergon the legendary “Keeper of the Seven Keys” recordings.

It “Pumpkins United” the tour was marked for the first time Kiske played live with HALLOWEEN since 1993. Hansenwho left HALLOWEEN By 1988, he had joined the band on stage for various tours and festival appearances throughout the years. The set featured several duets Kiske and his substitute, Derisalong with many rarely heard songs incl “Children of the Century”, “Rise and Fall” and: “Living is not a crime”. Hansen – who was ahead? HALLOWEEN to late 1986 — sang a few medleys early on HALLOWEEN classics, incl “Ride The Sky”, “Judas”, “Starlight” and: “Heavy Metal (Is The Law)”.

Last year, Deris said to “Metal Command” podcast that he “absolutely” hoped the extended classic lineup reunited HALLOWEEN would eventually spawn another album to follow “halloween”. “I mean, as long as the vibe is great, the chemistry is great, and everyone’s having fun with each other, it would be a crime not to do that and plan a future together,” she said.

“Pumpkins United” It’s not just the name of the last tour, I think it’s like a brand,” he continued.Halloween “Pumpkins United”it’s like a band — new or something [that] growing from the old group.”


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