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Legendary thrash drummer Tom Hunting (EXIT) released a video “Jungle Love”its cover MORRIS DAY AND TIME from a classic movie “Purple Rain”. Darryl “DMC” McDaniels (RUN-DMC) actually wrote original texts on his part and Dan Lorenzo (HADES, NON Fiction) came with the guitar parts DMC:the vocals of

“Jungle Love” is taken Hunt‘s first solo EP, “Hunting”which features covers of his favorite songs.

The group includes a guitarist C: Will Harden and a drummer Gator McCluskey.

Jack Gibson (EXIT) lends his bass “East Set and Down”joining his bandmate for this classic Jerry Reed. Jackthe love of “Smokey And The Bandit” helped bring an authentic tone to this gritty remake, whose official music video can be seen below.

Lorenzo plays bass Stevie Wonder classic “You didn’t do anything”plus the guitar parts in the background DMC: on “Jungle Love”adding that crushing original part of the track.

Johnny Rod (BACK TO DARK!) takes on the killer alone “East Bound and Down”, staying true to the classics. He also kills it on the bass “Jungle Love” and: “The Boys Go Back to Town” from THE BUG BOYfrom the movie “48 hours”..

James Arthur (Wheel house hub) closes the album with his vocal homage “East Set and Down”.

Tom: worked closely with the drummer Gator McCluskeywho also produced and engineered the album to make sure everything represented these classics at their best.

music video for the number “The Boys Go Back to Town”is featured Chuck Billy (Testament) and: Steve “Zetro” Souza (EXIT) on backing vocals, can also be seen below. Clip has been created Craig Cefola.

“Hunting” EP tracklist:

01. You didn’t do anything
02. The boys are back in town
03. Love of the jungle
04. East Bound And Down

Hunt In July 2021, a successful total gastrectomy was performed in the fight against squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) of the stomach.

a GoFundMe: campaign to help Hunt medical expenses previously raised more than $111,000, including $5,000 Tom:former of EXIT fellow, current METALLIC guitarist Kirk Hammettand from $1500 FOZZY: singer and wrestling superstar Chris Jericho.

The 58-year-old rejoined her EXIT bandmates on stage in October 2021, on stage Aftershock festival in Sacramento, California.

in January 2022 Hunt asked Niklas Müller-Hansen from RockSverige if his battle with squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) of the stomach changed his outlook on life. He answered: “Well, I’m definitely not sweating the details anymore. I think it gives you a new perspective when it comes to that. What used to stress me out, I’m just Meh.” Those are just things that will happen to some of us. I’m lucky, very lucky, that they were able to take a bad situation and make it right. I walk, I eat, I breathe, I “I play the drums. I am lucky and science is amazing what they can do. They’ve done a lot of tests and they can’t find cancer inside me right now, so that’s a good thing. I may have dodged a couple of bullets there. [Laughs]”

Hunt said that after the operation there was a short time when he could not play the drums. “They don’t leave me anything for, like, five weeks,” he said. “Then I started pushing. Before the surgery, I had chemo doses, like four of them, and they were pretty massive. I played a little drum, but it didn’t feel very good. I thought I was going to be in trouble for getting four more exhaust doses of Chemo, but they don’t. They don’t need to. Right now I’m on immunotherapy which doesn’t really have any side effects. Getting small doses of it. once every three weeks, but I basically have no restrictions on playing or anything. They said: And that’s kind of what I do.”


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