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DREAM THEATER singer James Labrie Talked to The Heavy Hooks Show about the band’s first win Grammy for Best Metal Performance at the 64th Annual Pre-Broadcast Ceremony Grammy Awardswhich was held in April at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. DREAM THEATER was nominated “The Alien”track from his 2021 album “View from the top of the world”. DREAM THEATERthe predecessor of Grammy the nominations were for song “On the Backs of Angels”since 2011 “Dramatic Turn of Events” album and single “The Enemy Within” since 2013 “Dream Theater”.

After joking that he “already sold” the item Grammy on eBay:“, Labry said (as transcribed BLABBERMOUTH.NET). “You know you have to sign a waiver? [before you get the Grammy statue]? They send you a contract, whatever, a document, and you have to sign it. And in that document, the literature says that if ever… “Because there’s a serial number with each one Grammyobviously, and if it turns out that you sold that particular one Grammyyou will be fined – severely… They don’t say [how much the fine would be]. I don’t know. I have no idea. But I would imagine that would be pretty brutal, not to mention embarrassing. And why the hell would you want to? I think with someone like this Bruce Springsteen – What does he have, like, 20? Grammy? But at the same time, it’s something to be proud of.”

Grammy– giving authority National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences requires winners to sign a type of contract that prohibits them from selling their prizes, although they can be passed down within the family when the particular artist dies.

A few years ago, NARAS:publicist of Jerry Schell the news site confirmed Vocative that each Grammy the statue “legally belongs to the organization” and that the artist only has the right to possess it. The wording of that agreement clearly states that by accepting the prize, you agree that it is “for your personal, non-commercial use” and that “Sale, auction, public display, reproduction, or other public or commercial exploitation of the statue” without permission from academyit is forbidden.

A few days later DREAM THEATER won his Grammy, Labry told Myglobalmind: “Well, it was overwhelming, the feeling, and it was pretty surreal, and it took a while for it to sink in, I think a few days ago I was like, ‘Wow. OK. So this actually happened. I guess the third time is the charm as we have been nominated a few times before “On the Backs of Angels” and: “The Enemy Within”.

“When it happened and our name was called and then [DREAM THEATER guitarist] John: [Petrucci] got on stage, I thought he gave a great acceptance speech,” he continued. “He was well-prepared and well-articulated, as always. he is a very intelligent person.

“It’s an amazing feeling. I think it’s another level of recognition for us and another feather in our cap, so to speak.” Labry has added. “But, no, it’s just a great feeling and confirmation of what kind of band we are and how we’ve been around for a while. And it’s good to get that recognition. Grammy [Awards]”.


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