CARMINE APPICE ex-BLUE MURDER band member JOHN SYKS. “I think she’s done” music

during a speech held on January 9 SiriusXMof “Truck Nation with Eddie Trunk”drummer Carmine Appice the possibility of a power trio/supergroup reunion was discussed BLUE MURDER. The band was formed by a guitarist/vocalist John Sykes and released two studio albums, 1989’s self-titled effort and 1993’s sequel, “Nothing But Trouble” — before ending the call.

asked the host Eddie Trunk if he thinks Sykes “Finished” playing music, Carmine said (as transcribed BLABBERMOUTH.NETI think he’s done. I text him and hear nothing. I don’t know. Maybe he was mad at me for some reason. But I talk to him. [BLUE MURDER bassist] Tony: [Franklin]; he hasn’t heard from her either.

Tony: said [John] just don’t like the business the way it is,” the 76-year-old drummer continued. “He’s better off doing nothing. Here’s what Tony: tell me But we can go play, band. When we were rehearsing a few years ago, it was like magic. And then it just didn’t happen. It was just great, the three of us playing together again. It was really tight. We would say: “Hey, let’s play!” “Valley of the Kings”” and we did it. Now, unfortunately, our keyboard player, Nick: [Green]died [in 2016]. But we can get someone else to play the keyboard.

“I would like to play some shows Sykes and: Tony: as a trio with a keyboard player.” Carmine has added. “We used to call it the ‘deep three.’

When asked how long ago he Sykes and: Franklin last experience together Carmine “That was four years ago, maybe five years ago. yes [we were rehearsing because we were planning] to do shows. And it just didn’t happen.

“When? [Sykes] came out NIARAC LIZZIE, it had to be because we were going to do shows. And we had shows booked in Europe. But something happened to him and the leadership. something has happened. I forgot what it was. So all the shows were ruined. We had some great festivals there. That would be the beginning of it. He left NIARAC LIZZIEwhat i understood so we could do BLUE MURDER. – Reason NIARAC LIZZIE like he was in it for a while, doing something, but not playing on the big records. But BLUE MURDER was his; we created it. And it was something that I felt was never over. It was a great group. Unfortunately, when he came out, for some reason he didn’t do what he was supposed to do. And then grunge came in and kind of killed the whole idea. Very bad.”

three years ago Carmine told “Blair Out on The Eric Blair Show” in NAMM: in Anaheim, California, to show that “people want to see [BLUE MURDER play again]but we can’t get it John: out of the house.”

He continued. “I saw John: [in 2019] in Heavy Metal Hall of Fameand he told me he was going out Tony: and this little kid drummer [Fred Boswell Jr.]. And he said: “The kid wants to meet you,” and I met him. He said [his solo] album is coming out and they’re going on tour. And I said: “Okay. When that’s all over, then let’s do it BLUE MURDER. He said. “Okay.” Now, nothing happened. It’s been a year.”

Tony: told “Blair Out on The Eric Blair Show” In January 2020, with whom he spoke John: “on a regular basis” and he explained that there had been “some issues”. Sykes‘s record label, resulting in the delay of what was supposed to be John:The next solo album of “Sy-Ops”. He said. “There are so many dynamics in the story, but it’s not that complicated. He could just go out there and play music.

“I think one of the things John: is that he has a problem accepting the new business as it is.” Tony: continued. “And that is different and you to do must accept it.”

Carmine agreed, saying:[John] was always more involved in the creative side and always left the business to other people. And I know that when we were together, he always asked me. And that? So I’m sure he has a problem attracting business now. We’re all a little alike, really. I mean, I can’t believe what business is like. I’ve seen it change [more than 50] years ago So I’m sure that’s part of it John:“.

on Sykes‘s shoots from the most successful option WHITE:former TIGERS OF PAN TANG and: NIARAC LIZZIE Axeman set out to form a bluesy hard rock band with a similar sound. BLUE MURDER released two studio albums and one live album before breaking up in 1994 Ray Gillenbest known for singing DAY OF CARDS and: BADLANDSsang for an early version BLUE MURDERand the band reportedly recorded demos with him, but he did not appear on any of the band’s albums.

Now 67 years old in July 2021 Sykes the official was released Parker Thibault– a video for a new song called “Alive Out”. The track, which was recorded at least four years ago, was expected to appear on the above “Sy-Ops” LP.

“Alive Out” was the second song “Sy-Ops” will be released in 2021. Still in January of the same year, Sykes left a video “Dawn of a Brand New Day”is also produced Thibautwith additional footage Natasha Grigory and: James Sykes.

2020 Sykes parted again Golden Robot Records without releasing a single record through a label.

SykesThe partnership with the Australian company was first announced in January 2019. Then, John: promised to release his first album in two decades by the end of 2019. However, things apparently went south soon after the signing, Sykes later accusing the label of “making little attempt to move things forward despite our best efforts and patience”.

Speaking Reality Check TV: In January 2019 Chicken Metal History Hall event in Anaheim, California, Sykes “I’m looking forward to getting out on the road and playing again. I kind of go underground and stay there for a while. I don’t know, man. Sometimes I just go out. and shut it all down. But I’m itching, I’ve been itching to get out there and play, so I’m looking forward to it.”

John:His most famous work was when he joined WHITE: and co-wrote the band’s self-titled seventh studio album, released in 1987. It produced a power ballad hit, “this is love”along with the #1 hit “Here I Go Again”. The album was a major crossover hit, eventually selling over eight million copies in the US alone.

Sykes announced his departure NIARAC LIZZIE in July, explaining that “I feel like it’s time to get back to playing my own music”.

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